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Volume 2 , Special Issue ICEIET

Sl.No Paper Title Author Page No Full PDF
1 Palm based Geometry for Person Identification and Verification Kanmani.S, Vijayalakshmy.C.N , Kanimozhi.G & Balasubathra.L IT-01 - IT-05
2 A Survey on Issues in Cloud Data Security Dr.P.Maragathavalli, K.Suganthi , D.Pavithra & S.Rajathi IT-06 - IT-09
3 Multifactor Authentication to Enhance Security in Banking System Shivam Kumar, Dr. Agilandeeswari L & Muralibabu K IT-103 - IT-108
4 Predictive Analytics for Traffic Flow Forecasting Using Enhanced K-Nearest Neighbours Algorithm Dr.Santhi Baskaran, S.Lakshmi@Vaishnavi , K.Manisha Selva & K.Keerthana IT-11 - IT-17
5 Nearest Keyword Set Search In Multidimensional Dataset Mrs.D.Maladhy, M.Risvaanabegum , G.Sivapriya & V.Suryadharshini IT-115 - IT-119
6 Graph Processing On A Distributed System For A Massive Scale Using Epicg P. Mathivanan, S.Divya Bharathi , B.Hemalatha & G.Gayathri IT-120 - IT-124
7 An IoT Based Remote HealthCare Monitoring System through Emotion Recognition Dr.G.Santhi, R.Sowjanya Rani , M.Meena & R.Suganya IT-18 - IT-23
8 Image Encryption Using DNA Cryptography And Cellular Automata Dr.S.Saraswathi, Ch.Rushmitha , S.Dhivya@Thirupurasundari & S.Nandhini Devi IT-24 - IT-28
9 A Survey on Frequent Itemset Mining Nithya.M & Kanmani.S IT-29 - IT-33
10 A Survey On Occluded Image Based Captcha For Online Authentication M. Tamizh & Dr. M. Ezhilarasan IT-34 - IT-38
11 A Survey On Lossless Compression And Encryption Methods For Multi Biometric Traits Hemapriya.M & Ezhilarasan.M IT-39 - IT-43
12 An Architectural Framework for Scheduling and executing large scientific workflows in cloud environment S. Balamurugan & S. Saraswathi IT-44 - IT-49
13 A Bigdata Analytic Approach For Finding Instructor’s Performance Based On Students Outcome Dr.M.S. Anbarasi, M.Mohana , S.JansyRani & V.DivyaPriya IT-50 - IT-54
14 Hands-Free Smartphone For Physically Challenged P.Nilavarasan & B.Sathishkumar IT-55 - IT-58
15 Secure Authorized De-duplication Data In Hybrid Cloud S.Ramya & Dr.V.Govindasamy IT-59 - IT-65
16 Health Status of the Human Monitored through Wearable Device R. Suresh, Aravintharaj , R. Rajaprakash & S.Parthiban IT-66 - IT-70
17 Attack Awareness and Detection in Optical Networks using Zone based Hierarchial Link State Routing and Linear Network Coding Dr.P.Boobalan, S.Salmon Raj , Rohit Peri & P.Praveen Kumar IT-71 - IT-76
18 Multilayaered Security Framework For Cloud Data Based On Privacy V.Geetha & D.Indhumathi IT-77 - IT-81
19 Secure Data Transmission With Multiple Key Management In Cloud Environment Dr. Santhi Baskaran & A. Isaiarasi IT-83 - IT-87
20 Customized Travel Recommendation System using Big Data Analytics Dr. SanthiBaskaran & L.Bhuvaneswari IT-88 - IT-92
21 A Survey On Recent Techniques In Medical Image Processing V.Geetha & K.Sindhuja IT-93 - IT-98
22 A Dynamic And Reconfigurable Collaborative Filtering Approach For Qos-Aware Web Service Orchestration Dr. A.Meiappane , G.Bhavani , M.Monica & A.Aruna IT-99 - IT-102