A Comparative Experimental and Analytical Study on Monolithic Frame

Author : Munya Saleh Ba Matraf


The objective of this work is to compare the analytical and experimental examination of the monolithic frame sample. The monolithic specimen is developed as a whole and no connections are given between the joints. A monolithic frame are built and tried under loading condition. A constant axial two point loading was applied to the frame with screw gauge. The accompanying components are ultimate load carrying capacity, cracking pattern and failure mode, load displacement curve and energy dissipation capacity. The analytical investigative of the monolithic specimen which are finished by FEA programming. After examining a monolithic specimen in ANSYS, both the tests are looked at in this paper.

Keywords : Monolithic specimen, two points loading, FEA programming, Load- Displacement curve

Volume 4 | Issue 2

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32595/iirjet.org/v4i2.2018.78

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