Estimation of Inexpensive Creep Testing Machine

Author : Shivakumar NR. Anbazhagan


Under significant stress, mechanical systems and parts such as boilers, coal plants, turbine rotors are performed at very high temperatures. Because of this purpose, it is necessary to design the elements and structures so that excessive creep distortion does not occur within the system's expected operating life. Creep is represented as a moment-dependent deformity that occurs around a amount of time while metals undergo sustained high temperature load. Therefore, knowledge of the creep actions of metals is essential so for that reason Creep test machines are mainly had to evaluate how a provided material performs at higher temperatures under continuous load. This paper proposes to examine the creep properties of different materials used during different temperatures implementations by creep testing machine made locally. A creep testing machine's unique design is the support system, the loading machine, the attachment device (grips and pull rods) and the furnace. The sample fossil is kept by other grips in place and a furnace envelops the sample part and retains a temperature. The highest load applied to the specimen may be 15 kg and tests at a maximum temperature of 500 ° C might be performed. Creep curves of pressure versus time of aluminum alloy were plotted at a exclusive stress stage and temperature. The records are plotted in a easy manner, however evaluation effortlessly suggests the impact of extended stress due the discount in specimen cross-section as pressure increases. The creep testing computing device developed in this work has demonstrated to be satisfactory, range high-quality and correct choice to imported creep testing machine.

Keywords : Creep, structure of lattice, Creep curves.

Volume 4 | Issue 3


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