Cloud Information Security using and Steganography Paired Encryption

Author : Emmanuel O.C MkpojioguAliza Sarlan


In everyday life, security has become a wide necessity. The most obligatory security of all is data security. Data is opened to high potential risks in our system. We adopt various methods for various security reasons. Now we all depend on the security and storage cloud platform, but even it is vulnerable to different threats. The cloud data is not good-secured as it can be accessed by anyone who can reach our credentials, and cloud providers also have equal access to us. Thus, using encryption and steganography, we propose enhanced data security. Here the data is encrypted and hidden behind an image and subsequently uploaded to the cloud. The image could be downloaded whenever it felt necessary and the data can be decrypted to retrieve the original file. Our results provide improved data security and can be used smoothly anywhere.

Keywords : DWT Steganography, Cost- effective, Very flexible, private key, public key, RSA.

Volume 4 | Issue 3


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