An Experimental Data Flow Analysis Annotated-Diagram-based event analysis

Author : Hazaruddin HarunNurnasran Puteh


With the adoption of Unified Modeling Language (UML) as the de-facto standard for modeling software systems, several research studies discussed the need for inputs for test automation to use models of systems under evaluation. Event diagrams have recently been used as a framework for test cases to be derived. Current studies concentrate on the study of event control flow. Nonetheless, it is quite easy to analyze the control flow between activities and such analysis alone is inadequate. This research proposes a test case generation methodology that complements a data flow information operation diagram. We performed an observational study into well-known structures in research literature to explore the potential benefits of this methodology. The experimental results were analyzed and compared as an alternative approach to the effectiveness and efficiency of fault detection with a state-of - the-art test suite generation tool. Overall, the results show that the proposed technique outperforms the alternative approach by detecting an average of 27.3 percent more errors. The proposed technique, in particular, yielded the best results in detecting errors related to arithmetic operations or parts used in our context for calculation.

Keywords : model-based testing; diagram-based testing of activity; data flow-annotated diagram of activity; data flow information

Volume 5 | Issue 2


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