Designing Bots for Investigating Online Finanacial Frauds

Author : Madiajagan MDheeba J


Online financial frauds are one of the leading issues in the fields of digital forensics and cyber security today. Various online firms have been employing several methodologies for the prevention of finance-related malpractices. This domain of criminal activity is becoming increasingly common in the present cyberspace. In this paper, we will try to implement online financial fraud investigation using the digital forensics tool: Autopsy. A few existing cyber- security techniques for the investigation of such crimes, namely the Formal Concept Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis; have been analyzed and reviewed. These techniques are primarily based on mathematical cyber security concepts. Henceforth, it has been tried to find out whether the investigation of similar crimes can be done satisfactorily using the readily-accessible digital forensics tool: Autopsy. Also, it has been explored whether the aforementioned cyber security techniques can be embedded along with the digital forensics tool to achieve the best results, by means of training a bot to automatically perform accurate investigations of such crimes. Thus, it has been tried to automate the process of online financial fraud investigation.

Keywords : Cyberspace, Computer crime, Forensics, Computer security, Software tools

Volume 5 | Issue 3


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