A Survey on IoT Based Health Care Monitoring System for Elderly People

Author : D Betteena Sheryl FernandoM SathyaG VikramA B Sri Varsha


IoT is an emerging technology and it is widely used in all possible applications. IoT consists of various sensors, processors and communication interfaces which are interconnected to each other and they give a path to access the devices remotely. IoT also plays a major role in the health sector by health based smart system which monitors the patients, elderly aged people and disabled people regularly and collects all the data with the help of sensors. Those collected data are pre-processed and transferred to the cloud. By using cloud, we can retrieve the data whenever we need. By using IoT based healthcare monitoring system the distance between the patients and the doctor has been reduced. There are various sensors that are used to detect patient’s health conditions, such as accelerometer sensor, gyroscope sensors, heart pulse sensors, body temperature sensors, galvanic skin response sensors, blood pressure sensors, blood glucose sensors, etc. All these sensors are connected to a microcontroller and transferred to cloud. In cloud the data get stored and processed by using various algorithms. The output is displayed to the users. This system reduces the medical cost and the burden for the care taker is reduced. Real time monitoring of the patients and updating the information to the doctor’s environment, helps us to find the disease before it become a serious problem. This paper gives a detailed survey on health care monitoring systems and the various algorithms that are used. This IOT based healthcare monitoring system reduces cost; it gives result with more accuracy.

Keywords : IoT is an emerging technology, the health sector, body temperature sensors

Volume 5 | Issue 3


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