Vibration and Modal Analysis of Femur Bones


Adane Minuye
Mesfin Gizaw


A review of vibration and modal analysis of bone is studied. Specifically, more focus is given to femur bone to provide more insight of where fracture occurs and how it can be protected. Also, modal and vibration analysis are done on femur bone applied to two boundary situations that are free- free and fixed-fixed. Natural frequencies and natural vibration modes are established for these two differing boundary situations. According to the mode structure, the normal frequency of the free-free boundary case ranges from 0 to 1381.1 Hz. Also, for fixed-fixed boundary situation it varies from 1211 Hz to 7856.4 Hz. On the basis of these two boundary situations mode structure is confirmed and fracture part can be simply informed. In order to avoid the fracture of femur bone avoid coincidence of external excitation frequency with these natural frequencies. This analysis gives more vision in constructing bio- aided material or protective sports material for femur.


How to Cite
Adane Minuye, & Mesfin Gizaw. (2022). Vibration and Modal Analysis of Femur Bones. IIRJET, 7(3).