Application of Energy Conservation Techniques in Industries and Institution


Wong Seng Yue


Power saving is essential nowadays because of growing electricity demand is more than the generation due to large consumers like industries, factories, electric vehicles, etc. This paper gives the clear understanding of energy conservation techniques. This paper describes the possible energy conservation techniques to be implemented in the industries. Energy and cost savings are the very important factors for industries. There are many energy conservation techniques available for reducing electricity consumption in industries like Energy efficient motors, Split capacitor based Automatic Power Factor Correction (SCBAPFC), Harmonic compensators. Energy efficient motors consumes less electricity, reduced core & copper losses, improved power factor and last longer than other motors of the same size. Maintaining power factor above 0.8 is necessary to avoid penalty charges in industries. SCBAPFC maintains the power factor near unity, reduces the line conductor losses, increases the supply line load ability limit. Harmonic compensator provides required harmonic current to the non linear loads without affecting the source. In KAYCEE PLASTO PACK, RIYA OIL PRODUCTS, DHARMA RATHINA TEXTILES, industries and In Kamaraj College of Engineering & Technology (KCET) D-Block Power System Simulation (PSS) Lab the energy audit was conducted and the area of energy leakages, possible energy saving loads was identified. For the issues, possible energy saving methods with additional cost and without additional cost was implemented. Thus 30-40% of electricity consumption is reduced.


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