Advance Features and Mobility Management of Mobile WiMAX


Akhil Augustine
George Georgethomas


Mobile WiMAX comes with an advantage of full mobility support and higher capacity compared to the Fixed WiMAX (802.16d 2004). This leads to a tremendous change in the field of Wireless Communications. There are many handover mechanisms in mobile WiMAX which reduces the handover latency for specifying that, including an advance layer 3 handoff schemes for mobile WiMAX based Wireless mesh Network. Hence in this handover scheme, the handover latency should be very low which reduces the chance of packet losses when compared to the conventional layer 3 handover scheme. The main aim of this paper is to give an overall view about Mobile WiMAX and its applications and also to explain one of the handover schemes for Mobile WiMAX.


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Akhil Augustine, & George Georgethomas. (2022). Advance Features and Mobility Management of Mobile WiMAX. IIRJET, 4(2).