High Data Security Using Asymmetric Key Cryptography and Linguistic Method Steganography


Shravankumar Venumula
Senthil Ramadoss


This paper recommended response is to receive encrypted sensitive text data on personal data electronics that take control of the combination of both procedures: Steganography and cryptography. The security of the system is provided through the contribution of video-based asymmetric key cryptography followed by two sequential layers of steganography to insure security also with the best positive effects out of the latter. The experiment modeled the method and simulated it. It was developed to be studied to analyze the relationship. Between protection, skill, and concentration on data. The studies require data retention checking apps of 10 various widths showing fun video effects. The report provides capacity changes with protection, as an undesirable tradeoff enforced. The uniqueness of the work is presented in the showcase of different measures that make it hard for the service provider and the application to choose the maker of the decision. The tests given are all 1-LSB privacy awareness possibilities, 2-LSB and 3-LSB methods that detail their video interaction on the cover. The core results demonstrate to be the applicability of the 3-LSB method to be enacted offers good adequate safeguards with realistic skill preferred to win 3-LSB for 1-LSB and 2-LSB techniques.


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Shravankumar Venumula, & Senthil Ramadoss. (2022). High Data Security Using Asymmetric Key Cryptography and Linguistic Method Steganography. IIRJET, 6(3). https://doi.org/10.32595/iirjet.org/v6i3.2021.145