A Review on Thermal Conductivity and Stability Enhancement of Nano Fluid


Miruts Mesele
Samson Mekbib


This study provides a critical review of thermal conductivity and Nano fluid stability enhancement. The majority of the review is based on numerical and experimental studies of metal oxide nanoparticles in water-based fluids. However, there are difficulties in processing stable Nano fluid and improving heat dissipation. As a result, the resolution of this review is to examine the result of volume fraction, particle size and shape, temperature, as well as material type on the thermal conductivity of Nano fluid. Furthermore, the stability of Nano fluid is examined in this review. The results showed that increasing the concentration and temperature of nanoparticles in a base fluid causes an increase in thermal conductivity. Furthermore, by decreasing the particle size of the Nano fluid, thermal conductivity is increased. Several studies have confirmed that the shape of a nanoparticle influences the thermal conductivity of a Nano fluid. In comparison to other shapes, cubic shape nanoparticles have the peak thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of a hybrid Nano fluid is also greater than that of a non-hybrid Nano fluid. Finally, optimizing each parameter and ensuring uniform dispersion of Nano particles increases the stability and thermal conductivity of the Nano fluid. However, volume fraction has the greatest result on stability and thermal conductivity of Nano fluid. According to this survey, volume fraction contributes approximately 60%, particle size contributes approximately 25%, and particle shape contributes approximately 5.4 percent to the thermal conductivity enhancement of Nano fluid.


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Miruts Mesele, & Samson Mekbib. (2022). A Review on Thermal Conductivity and Stability Enhancement of Nano Fluid. IIRJET, 7(3). https://doi.org/10.32595/iirjet.org/v7i3.2022.155 (Original work published May 14, 2022)